Audio Wireless Digitally Tuned Diversity Antenna Distribution Module (DADM226-DT)
Audio Wireless Digitally Tuned Diversity Antenna Distribution Module (DADM226-DT)
Audio Wireless Digitally Tuned Diversity Antenna Distribution Module (DADM226-DT)
Audio Wireless Digitally Tuned Diversity Antenna Distribution Module (DADM226-DT)

Audio Wireless Digitally Tuned Diversity Antenna Distribution Module (DADM226-DT)

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Audio Wireless DADM226-DT Digitally Tuned Diversity Antenna Distribution Module
The Diversity Antenna Distribution Module DADM226-DT is designed to cover frequency range 470-960MHz offering user selectable RF filters. There are 4-Modes of operations to suit individual applications and frequency allocations. 

DT - Mode 1: Digitally tuned very selective RF Band-Pass filter in the frequency range 470-750MHz, tunable in 8MHz step, 24MHz window, with adjustable gain between +8dB to -8dB
WB - Mode 2: Fixed window semi-broadband band-pass filter 470-750MHz
NB - Mode 3: Fixed window narrow-band band-pass filter 935-960MHz
Scan - Mode 4: Scan Mode (ultra-wide-band, no filtering)

DADM226-DT offers the flexibility and the solution to any antenna distribution systems where utmost protection against interfering signals is needed. It is compatible with any radio microphone receivers available in the industry. The Digitally Tuned DADM is a 2 IN and 2 x 6 OUT active antenna distribution system with in-built selectable band-pass filtering; the DADM226-DT eliminates multiple receiver antennas and provides a tidy sound bag solution with improved RF performance. There are two industry standard BNC input connectors for antenna inputs which enables use of standard low loss RF extension cables, and there 2 x 6 mini RF SMA connectors feeding the diversity receivers. In applications when remote antenna powering is needed, the DADM offers switchable Active Antenna Powering with RED LEDs indicating power ON/OFF status, the powering can be turned ON/OFF through the OLED display menu. The DADM226-DT has a very high input signal handling capacity with very low noise figure and offers an outstanding inter-modulation performance when compared to other low power devices available. The DADM is externally powered between 10-18Vdc, the dc input connector is an industry standard 4-pin Hirose and there are 3 x Hirose dc output connectors available for powering any mixer/recorder or auxiliary equipment in any sound bag. Each dc output port can be individually turned ON/OFF through the OLED menu. A green LED indicates power-on status of the system box and the OLED display continuously displays dc input voltage. Powering for the multiple receivers is simplified by means of offering phantom power at each SMA RF connector; each Audio Wireless (AWDR-1) receiver is individually powered through the antenna socket eliminating additional cabling in the sound bag. The phantom power is user selectable and can be turned ON/OFF from the OLED display menu. 
Audio Wireless wide tuning systems are now first choice among freelance sound engineers, hiring companies as well as major broadcasters for all wireless microphone applications.
RF Distribution Section

  • Frequency Range: 470 to 960MHz
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Current Consumption
DT Mode: 240mA +/- 10mA
All other modes: 130MA +/- 10mA
  • RF Inputs: 2 x 50 Ω Standard BNC Sockets
  • RF/DC outputs to receivers: 2 x 6 x 50 Ω mini UHF SMA sockets
  • Main ON/OFF Switch: Master switch with green led -ON- indicator
  • DC Power OUT: 3 x 4-pin Hirose sockets individually fused and protected against reverse polarity, standard pin-outs, Pin1(-ve) and Pin4(+ve)
  • Operating voltage range: 10-18V @ 1A (min.)*, input reverse power and short circuit protected (*higher current limit is required if mixer/recorders are powered-max current 2A)
  • Phantom dc to Receivers: 10-18Vdc (unregulated), individually switched ON/OFF
  • Remote Antenna Powering: Switchable dc T-bias powering, 10-18Vdc @ 250mA max, regulated for active antenna powering, short circuit protected.
  • Hirose dc output: Unregulated incoming volts, switched, individually fused and protected against reverse polarity
Outer Case
  • Dimensions: 156x45x62mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 0.47kg
  • Related Accessories: 12 x SMA to SMA link cables (custom lengths)
    2 x BNC to BNC Antenna extension cables (custom lengths)
    2 x monopole BNC Antennae
    1 x 4-pin Hirose to 4-pin Hirose dc power cable (custom lengths)

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